Cameras estilo pinhole feitas com latas de Sprite, campanha especial para Porto Alegre/RS - Brasil.
Pinhole camera made from cans of Sprite, a exclusive campaign for Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil.

- Develop a new campaign specially for Porto Alegre/RS Brazil.
- Create an identification of teenagers through an urban language.
- It's essential to use the sprite pack.
Urban culture that Sprite already has used.
What's the next step?
Social networks like Instagram and Pinterest are by far the most popular globally.
The tendency is to consolidate photography between of the most popular means of communication today.
- Rediscovery of analog aesthetics
- Resurgence of  Retro in Pop culture
- Analog photography is coming back to life
Many of the teenagers in this generation have never had contact with techniques of analog imaging creation, which for them is an entirely new field to be explored.
Sprite will provide an experience of analogue photography using cans of Sprite.
Pinhole cameras made from cans of Sprite.
What is Pinhole?
 - Pinhole is a technique where a photo is taken through a dark chamber without using lenses.
How Porto Alegre refreshes your ideas?

Launching day

-The launching day will happen in Pinhole Day, day when Pinhole photography is globally celebrated, which will be in april last sunday of 2013
- The invitations will be made through a Presskit, which will be send to jornalists, influent blogger in teen segment, photographers, influent teenagers, promoters, skaters, musicians and DJs.

-The press kit will be composed with a Pinlata and instructions to make a picture with the pinhole camera.
The pictures taken by guests will be revealed and exposed during the event.

- Pinlata App
- Phone case
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