I was invited among others illustrators to create a concept art for a music video. 
My roll was to work on the storyboard with the directors and come up with the main character concept as well a few styleframes for the animation.

Also we had very few days to put it all together :) but at the end it was very cool!
You can check the full video here:
Direction: Rafael Rocha e Lucas Tergolina
Script: Rafael Rocha, Lucas Tergolina e Matheus Barbosa
Editior: Humberto Ferreira
Motion Design: Humberto Ferreira, Thiago Gerloff e Renato Jardim
Ilustrations: Mateus Lopes Costa, Matheus Martins de Oliveira Brito, Jefferson Biglia dos Santos e FilipeAnjo
Project Manager: Gabriel Dias
Content: Tainá Hessler
Thanks for watching!

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