Another awesome project i was able to work on with a bunch of talented people. 
My roll was to illustrate the storyboard and also the background scenes and props.

Those background illustrations are inspired in the slums of brazil, mostly são paulo and rio de janeiro which are the cities where both Mcs came from.

here i just wanna show you some parts of my work process and the final results
I hope you like it

Final video
Backgroung lines with characters
some light and sahdows
Background & props design final results
production: Sirena Studio e Mandabuscaa
creative director: Filipe Consoni
animation director: Ivanildo Soares
animation: Ivanildo Soares, Junior Soares, Stephanie de Oliveira, Victor Bolo, Stefany Hibrain
Animações Adicionais e Composição: Filipe Consoni
characther design: Wander Deley
background design: Jefferson Biglia
Storyboard: Filipe Consoni e Jefferson Biglia
Thanks for watching!

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