I'm very happy to be part of this project coming up with the ilustration concept and also playing a little with frame-by-frame animation. it's awesome when we have total control of what we can do, with no clients bothering us with bad ideas x_x. this was pure Us and I'm very happy how it turned out! And I can't wait to finish the full animation and share with all of you.
Thanks for all the people involved in this project! I can't wait to show the full video.
Final video
Direction: Filipe Consoni
Production: Fern
Executive Producer: James Mabery
Animation: Filipe Consoni
Additional Character Animation: Wander Deley
Cleanup: Filipe Consoni and Jefferson Biglia
Illustration: Jefferson Biglia
Composition: Filipe Consoni
Sound Design: Saulo Baumgartner
Thanks for watching!

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